NC2P requires a national research process identifying priority locations and people groups in the nation for church planting which include: (1) Some kind of mapping that gives a picture to the nation, stirring the need for church planting. This process measures net growth in churches and total attendance and (2) Communication which provides encouragement and motivation through shared stories showing the human dimension of changed lives and working models is also important.

Strategic Information and Communication

Because the Gospel normally spreads along human relational lines, typically some segments of a city or nation are privileged to know Christ personally while, tragically, others remain barren. It is vital therefore that the church knows who has been neglected and where, and then acts on this knowledge boldly and strategically.

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18 mai 2017

Example of Romania

Setting Contextually Appropriate Goals for Evangelism and Church Planting (Russ Mitchell)

This is a simple script for a presentation that I gave in Romania in 2000, based on information from the first phase of OC’s national church census. This was given shortly before the first national church planting congress in May 2001. I’ve back translated this into English with some modifications.

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