A National Church Planting Process (NC2P) works towards a reality when the majority of the body of Christ cooperates with one another for the purpose of seeing churches multiplied in all the nation’s geographic and ethnic and cultural spaces. A national church planting process is usually propelled by relationship and vision casting moving towards collaboration and momentum in new strategic activity (prayer, training etc.) until it reaches a tipping point and results in measurable progress in church planting through evangelism winning people for Christ.

2018 NC2P-Berlin gathering highlights

2018 NC2P-Berlin gathering highlights
Durée : 07:13

Best NC2P practices: The story of La Plaza in Spain.

Ron Anderson, Spain at the NC2P Berlin 2018 Gathering.
Durée : 14:08

Best way to kill a NC2P: Lessons from Switzerland.

Christian Kuhn, Switzerland at the NC2P Berlin 2018 Gathering
Durée : 13:32

Learning from DAWN Brazil, what worked and didn't work.

Larry Kraft at the NC2P 2018 Berlin Gathering.
Durée : 15:37

The History of Saturation Church Planting - Martin Robinson

Madrid NC2P Gathering
28.-30.September 2015
Madrid, Spain
Durée : 27:57

What is NC2P?

In this video, Øivind Augland explains what is NC2P and how the four missional components come together to help nations further church planting process in their respective country.
Durée : 05:06